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Thoma (nee Zaytseva)


Anastasia Thoma (nee Zaytseva)


During Anastasia's MAS DFAB studies she participated in an exchange program with the studios of Alexander Brodsky and Peter Märkli at the London Metropolitan University (LMU CASS) and a one-year internship at Krischanitz AG office in Zurich. In her role as an intern, the main task was to create a digital modelling approach for large-scale projects, like "Zurich Insurance".
After completing her MAS she collaborated with Prof. Adrienne Grêt-Regamey and Ulrike Wissen Hayek for the „Landscapisation” and “Erlinsbach” projects. Afterwards she worked at ETH’s CAAD chair developing machine learning applications focused on a combination of data driven modelling concepts for urban planning and sustainable city development.


Anastasia is currently a PhD candidate/teaching assistant at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, under the leadership of Prof. Marjan Colletti, Experimentelle Architektur, Hochbau. She is also a licensed and practicing architect in Zurich, Switzerland, and have worked on projects in London, Moscow Zurich, Vienna and Innsbruck.

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