Date: 06.07.2020, 10:00 - 06.07.2020, 12:00

Negotiating Digital Building Technologies: Stakeholder perspectives

By Johannes Meuer, Otto Windeck, Christina Nakhle, and Malte Toetzke.

In this multi-stakeholder negotiation game, participants act as stakeholders of a large construction project and negotiate whether and how to adopt a digital building technology (e.g., BIM, Robotics, Smart Building Systems). The investor has invited a technology developer to pitch the technology to several important stakeholders (e.g., the construction company, a sub-contractor, the architect, and the facility manager). By the end of the negotiation, the investor needs to make a clear proposal about how to use digital building technology in the context of the project. On that basis, each stakeholder decides about joining the project.

The negotiation allows participants to familiarize themselves with attributes of the digital building technology, related advantages and disadvantages, and experience the dynamics of cooperation and competition between project partners in the adoption of digital building technologies. The participants learn about opportunities and risks of digital building technologies for different stakeholders of a construction project.

N.B. This workshop is open to NCCR Digital Fabrication members only.