Project 1B: Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly

This project explores different collaborative scenarios for assembly of discrete structures with focus on timber frame structures. In particular, the researchers in Project 1B investigate human-robot and multi-robotic fabrication, combining the work of industrial robots, legged robots and AR-augmented human workers. The key challenges is the development of a shared digital space, methods for co-localization, feature recognition, communication and sensing. A unifying aspect for the entire Project 1B is a shared digital model for humans and robots, combining the different requirements specific to human interaction, robot control and sensor feedback. Selected fabrication scenarios will be employed/tested/demonstrated in pilot projects with contractors from industry.

Project 1B comprises the following work packages:

1) Smart timber assembly planner and XR interface

2) AR-assisted human-robot collaborative assembly

3) Advanced perception, autonomy and control

4) Sensors and end-effectors

5) Interactive human-robot assemlies