Project 3A: Discrete Construction - Onsite assembly and finishing

Researchers in Project 3A aim to demonstrate onsite manipulation of building components using autonomous legged robots. They are investigating the design for prefabrication of interlocking discrete elements with integrated functionality that can be assembled and disassembled onsite with minimal scaffolding. Onsite robots enable the use of local resources in remote locations without transporting heavy equipment and bulky elements or scaffolding. This reduces waste and is even more important for extraterrestrial construction. This approach reduces prolonged site timelines and their detrimental impact to the surrounding environment. There is long-term commercial interest in the technology of the Site Automation Lab, and potential for developing control software and hardware units for onsite mobile robotics.

Project 3A comprises the following work packages:

1) Scaffold-free structural design

2) Mobile ground/climbing robots

3) Modular local brick assembly

4) Structural integrity of prefab / assembly interfaces