MAS DFAB: Concrete Choreography

Link: DBT - Concrete Choreography

The installation Concrete Choreography consists of nine, individually designed, 2.7m tall columns, assembled together they formed the stage-setting for dance performances at the 2019 Origen Festival in Riom, Switzerland.

The project was developed and built by MAS DFAB Students under the guidance of researchers from the Chair of Digital Building Technologies (DBT) in collaboration with the Origen Festival. Each column was parametrically designed and 3D printed in under 3 hours using robotic concrete deposition. The technologies for this process were developed in research supported by the NCCR Digital Fabrication.

As both a stage-set and as a construction system, this project demonstrates how technology can bring new perspectives and expression into art and architecture.

Concrete Choreography is the winner of the Jury Prize & People's Choice FRAME 2020 Awards for "best use of material".

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Photo: Benjamin Hofer, DBT