Book Launch: Robotic Landscapes - Designing the Unfinished

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Interdisciplinary DFAB research and teaching are showcased in the new book Robotic Landscapes—Designing the Unfinished. This new book was officially launched at "Never Stop Reading" on Friday March 11th in Zurich.

Digital design and simulation tools combined with large-scale robotic earthmoving equipment can dramatically change the way landscapes are formed and maintained. Autonomous systems can enable an adaptive and continuous transformation of terrain instead of simply creating predefined and static earthworks. Landscapes evolve through constantly changing conditions, and a dynamic response to natural environments can never be considered final.

This publication depicts the NCCR Digital Fabrication supported collaborative work of the professorships for landscape architecture, digital fabrication, and robotic systems at ETH Zurich. Through a collection of theory essays, technical papers and project descriptions the book reveals how their collective expertise is redefining processes of landscape architecture, design, and large-scale project realisation.

Editors: Ilmar Hurkxkens, Fujan Fahmi, Ammar Mirjan

Contributing Authors: Mathias Bernhard, Dana Cupkova, Fujan Fahmi, Christophe Girot, Fabio Gramazio, Francesca Hughes, Ilmar Hurkxkens, Marco Hutter, Dominic Jud, Matthias Kohler, Benedikt Kowalewski, Jesús Medina, and Ammar Mirjan.


Book Description: Robotic Landscapes—Designing the Unfinished (Girot)

Publisher + Order: Park Books

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