Celebration of Innovation in the Swiss Construction Industry

At the Zurich Innovation Conference “Innovative Construction Technologies”, 150 experts from the construction industry and academia exchanged ideas about a future construction industry. The organisers, the NCCR DFAB and the Canton of Zurich, placed interdisciplinary exchange from design to fabrication at the heart of the event.

At the Zurich Innovation Park, personalities from the construction industry, research and education from Switzerland and southern Germany explored the question of how we can shape the future of construction together. All those involved in the construction process were invited by the NCCR DFAB and the location promotion organisation. Guided tours of Empa's NEST and ETH Zurich's Robotic Fabrication Lab gave participants an insight into the NCCR DFAB's research projects. The conference concluded with an overview of the technology and innovation landscape in Switzerland to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.