Foundation of the COMPAS Association

Three NCCR DFAB researchers Tom Van Mele, Chen Kasirer and Gonzalo Casas found the COMPAS Association. The foundation of the association will take place on 2 March at ETH Zurich 3 pm. Interested parties are welcome to come and discuss the basics of the association's structures on site. People who cannot be present in Zurich that day have the opportunity to participate in the event via Zoom.

COMPAS is an open source computational framework for research and collaboration in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. The association is aimed at people who are passionate about topics in the field of architecture and digital fabrication. The goal of the COMPAS Association is to provide a complete, free, open source and cross-platform computational framework for interdisciplinary research and collaboration in AEC. More information about the association can be found on the COMPAS website.


The founders of the COMPAS Association (from left to right): Chen Kaiser, Tom van Mele and Gonzalo Casas

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