Foundation of the ETH Spin-Off Gravis Robotics

The ETH spin-off Gravis Robotics was founded in October 2022. The company has developed technologies to make large scale construction machines autonomous. The associated researchers work includes the development of the HEAP, a robotic walking excavator that offers robust capabilities in extreme environments. Gravis Robotics' technology has been developed at ETH Zurich and tested in the Alps, it meets the most demanding technical standards in technical terrain and dangerous zones. Gravis Robotics aims to make its technology directly available to large scale equipment users, and have already developed specific machines for larger industrial customers.

Parts of the research underlying the technology were developed within the NCCR Digital Fabrication at the Robotic Systems Lab, in collaboration with Gramazio Kohler Research and the Landscape Architecture Chair of Prof. Girot. The technologies and techniques developed were used in the demonstrator project "Circularity Park Demonstration" and for "Autonomous Landscaping Methods". Gravis Robotics is further developing these concepts and the work that was initiated in the NCCR DFAB projects “Robotic Landscaping” and “Mobile Aggregation of found Objects”.

Congratulations to the Gravis Robotics team, and specifically to NCCR Digital Fabrication Alumni: Dominic Jud, Burak Cizmeci, Simon Kerscher, Ryan Luke Johns, and Prof. Marco Hutter.