HiLo Funicular Floors win the 2021 Norman Blank Prize for Excellence in Digital Fabrication

This innovative floor system demonstrates an ability to save more than 70% of concrete and 90% of steel compared to a standard concrete flat slab. Concurrently the system integrates building services (heating, cooling and ventilation), while being structurally safe, complying with fire requirements, and meeting vibration and acoustics standards.

This innovation demonstrator is important in that it shows the full potential of the system and represents a success story of knowledge and technology transfer to industry, fostering the
partnership between researchers and industry partners. As this collaboration now moves forward it aims to drive change in the construction sector and show that improvements in economy and sustainability of such structures can be feasibly achieved.

Congratulations to Francesco Ranaudo (BRG), Andrei Jipa (DBT) and Gearoid Lydon (A/S) the three lead researcher on this project, and additionally to all supporting researchers and partners. The award will be presented to the researcher team in the Spring at the next NCCR General Assembly.