In-Person Engagements Resume

The NCCR Digital Fabrication and the Institute for Technology in Architecture (ITA) have now resumed in-person visits to our labs and facilities.

After over 65 weeks of building closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ETH Zurich buildings officially opened again on June 7th. the NCCR Digital Fabrication and our ITA Professors are pleased to welcome industry partners, international academics and invited guests back into our buildings and labs. Although personal safety protocols and measures are still in place, it is now possible to resume activities that safely support our partnerships, and allow for in-person and at-place engagements.

Laboratory visits have always contributed significantly to our collaborations with experts and to communications with the media and general public. The NCCR DFAB and our team now moves forward in reinforcing these contacts, and in leveraging new visits to showcase recent research, projects, and innovations. …and after 16 months of isolated development, the NCCR DFAB does have things to show!

As one of the first industry meetings, members of ABB Robotics and ABB Engineering Robotics Schweiz recently visited to discuss the emerging potential of robotic fabrication for construction with a specific interest in the future of large-scale 3D printing. Such visits to the Robotic Fabrication Lab, combined with direct review of large-scale material prototypes, helps external visitors to understand the potentials and challenges of Digital Fabrication for Architecture and Construction.

For interested industry members, please contact Dr. René Jähne (KTT Officer)