Intuitive Robotic Plastering

The most recent project of the MAS Digital Fabrication has explored the potential of novel digital design and robotic fabrication processes to implement a full-scale construction project. The topic combined ongoing research projects on Robotic Plaster Spraying and Human-Machine Collaboration to propose new design and fabrication methodologies under the name of “Intuitive Robotic Plastering”.

After an extensive 11 week learning and development period the final result is the development of a intuitive gesture control recording system that guides robotic fabrication. Sculptural surfaces are developed through an adaptive thin layer printing process guided by interactive design engagement - where a robotic arm sprays plaster following recorded hand gestures. The interplay between human movement and a digitally controlled robotic fabrication process results in expressive sculptural modulation of the overall architectural interior space.

Participants:Evgenia Angelaki, Liya Sunny Anthraper, Pascal Bach, Yan Fen Chan, Wei-Ting Chen, Wei Chengyuan, Ilaria Giacomini, Simon Griffioen, Guillaume Jami, Lena Kitani, Artemis Maneka, Beril Önalan, Priyank Soni, Foteini Salveridou, Co Tsuruta, Carlos Wilkening

Tutors: Daniela Mitterberger, Selen Ercan Jenny, Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Eliott Sounigo, Ping-Hsun Tsai, David Jenny, Hannes Mayer

Gramazio Kohler Research

With the generous support of: Eberhard Unternehmungen and Giovanni Russo AG

MAS Plaster 02 robot