NCCR DFAB at Swiss Robotics Day

The NCCR DFAB supported the organisation and implementation of this year's Swiss Robotics Day in Zurich and presented numerous research projects to the visitors.

Prof. Stefana Parascho and her team with Eleni Maria Skevaki and Jingwen Wang from EPF Lausanne informed the audience about their current projects "Human Timber Assemblies" and "Autonomous Robotic Assembly".

Lauren Vasey (GKR), Ana Anton (DBT) and Ioanna Mitropoulou (DBT) from ETH Zurich presented their research results from the projects Impact Printing, Tor Alva and Nonplanar 3D Printing of Bifurcating Forms.

Eliott Sounigo (GKR) gave a short presentation on the Robotic On Site Technologies project (already successfully completed phase 2 at Venture Kick) and demonstrated a mobile cleaning robot on site.

Also on site were NCCR DFAB alumni Andrea Carron and Ryan Luke Johns, current co-founder and CEO of Gravis Robotics. Ryan Luke Johns presented the spin-off Gravis Robotics and Andrea Carron showed current research results on the topic of collaborative robotics.