NCCR Digital Fabrication at the WEF

NCCR Digital Fabrication was proud to be a part of the ETH pavilion at this year's WEF. The theme for this year was "Rethinking Design", which showcased how design processes are changing to allow people to evolve their living spaces in future.

As part of the event, not only was the functionally integrated floor system premiered, but additionally NCCR Professors Philippe Block and Kristina Shea both presented and participated in a discussion on design, given in front of a crowded audience. While not present in person, the Timber Assemblies Project and the RFL were also both represented in the next best way; through a virtual reality tour designed by NCCR technician, Philippe Fleischmann; and of course Konrad Graser, project manager at DFAB HOUSE, the building of the future, was on hand to discuss the project.

Read more about the ETH Pavilion and NCCR Digital Fabrication's contributions on the ETH Zurich news site.

Photo: ETH Global

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