September's Top 5 Digital Fabrication Events

A series of exciting events are scheduled in the upcoming weeks with a focus on digital fabrication. Whether you're a researcher, student, professional, or design enthusiast, these events offer a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable influence of digital fabrication in shaping our future.

Scientifica19 071

Switzerland's largest science festival offers a week of immersive research and scientific engagement with leading researchers.

Digital Fabrication Focus: Explore the exhibition "Circular Economy: Leveraging Digitization for Reusing Building Materials" and Design++ will showcase an augmented reality (AR) application.

Set in Zurich's Old Botanical Garden, the Design Biennale Zürich presents an exhibition themed "SHIFT," featuring 15 installations by designers from Switzerland and around the world, crafted specifically for the event.

Digital Fabrication Focus: Discover the Ice Formwork project, investigating the innovative use of ice rink ice as formwork material for concrete pouring.

A convergence of industry and science, this event offers a unique opportunity to delve into pioneering research at ETH and its practical applications in various industries. Engage with distinguished professors and visionary young entrepreneurs as they present their innovative projects.

Digital Fabrication Focus: Meet NCCR DFAB researchers on-site.

The Future of Construction 2023 Symposium serves as a platform to explore novel human-machine collaborations in design and construction. Building upon a series that originated at ETH Zurich in 2022, this edition takes place at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Digital Fabrication Focus: Everything.

This conference highlights the pressing need for preservation discussions surrounding relatively young buildings of high-tech architecture. It aims to establish a foundation for future preservation efforts and foster debates on various approaches.

Digital Fabrication Focus: presentations from the NCCR DFAB chairs of Architecture and Digital Fabrication, Construction Heritage and Preservation, and Circular Engineering for Architecture.