Striatus Bridge showcases unreinforced structural design combined with 3D printing

Striatus is an arched, unreinforced masonry footbridge composed of 3D-printed concrete blocks assembled without mortar. The 16x12-metre footbridge is the first bridge combining traditional arch building techniques with advanced computational design, engineering and robotic manufacturing technologies. The name “Striatus” reflects the structural logic and fabrication process used. Concrete is printed in layers orthogonal to the main structural forces to create a “striated” compression-only funicular structure that requires no reinforcement.

The Striatus bridge is a project of the ETH Block Research Group and ZHACODE, design development included research by NCCR DFAB associated researcher Shajay Bhooshan. 3D concrete printing was done by incremental3D with a 3DCP ink developed by Holcim.


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