The Future of Construction Symposiums

Eberhard III

From June 21 to 23, the symposiums "The Future of Construction" is taking place at ETH Zurich. International speakers will give lectures on digital technology in the construction process. The focus will be on Construction Robotics and Computational Design for Sustainable Construction.

Although digital processes have transformed many industries in recent decades, the construction industry has remained relatively resistant to new technologies. However, as client demands, building materials and regulations change - design and construction must also adapt. Recent advances in computational methods and robotics in architecture and construction are part of the innovations that are driving the Future of Construction.

This symposiums addresses this change through presentations by specialists in the two core domains of construction robotics and computational design for sustainable construction. The symposium brings together academia and industry experts from various fields including architecture, sensing, robotics, engineering, computer science, circular construction, computer vision and more. They will explain the potential of the construction sector through the use of digital technologies with complementary topics. The symposium content and workshops aim to address the emerging challenges of construction with a focus on innovative methodologies, knowledge dissemination, and establishing a dialogue between participants from academia and industry.

The symposium was jointly initiated and is co-organized by researchers associated with the NCCR Digital Fabrication and Design++.