[y]our 2040: NCCR DFAB engages in visioning sustainable futures

This community aims to leverage its connectedness to deliver sustainable ideas and actions that will accelerate change. This first annual gathering took place in Laax in September and the principal topic to discuss is the world we want to co-create. [y]our 2040 aims develop new areas of focus, broadening the discussion of sustainable change, and providing an unprecedented opportunity learn and engage. Each year the [y]our 2040 community will track progress so as guide significant steps and actions towards a planetary boundary compatible society.:


2040 discussion

This 3 day conference combined presentations, discussions, proposals for actions and developed topics all aimed at change for the future. The principal challenge of mitigating the 1.5C climate change dominated discussion, with focus topics on society, energy, waste, food, environment, circularity, community, digital transformation, and well-being.

2040 group

Photographers: Andreas Eggenberger + Miriam Kunzli, ©Your 2040