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Dr. Petras Vestartas

Petras Vestartas is a post-doctoral researcher at the Block Research Group since 2023. He holds architecture degree from VAA (Lithuania) and completed his PhD at IBOIS, EPFL (Switzerland). His research focused on digital timber fabrication, scanning methods, robotic tool-path planning, and geometry processing. He has developed software applications like compas_wood (timber joinery), NGon (mesh processing), OpenNest (2D nesting), Raccoon (CNC fabrication), and Cockroach (point-cloud processing). Petras has extensive experience teaching and conducting workshops, supervising thesis projects. He was a research assistant at CITA, KADK (Denmark), and gained experience in international architecture offices (Cebra (Denmark), Do-Architects (Lithuania), DMAA (Austria)).

Work Topic

Panelized Timber Vaulted Floors and COMPAS framework development, and teaching.

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Postdoctoral Researcher


Panelized Timber Vaulted Floors

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