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Dr. Petras Vestartas

My name is Petras Vestartas. I hold BA, MA degrees in architecture from VAA (Lithuania). I finished PhD at Laboratory for Timber Constructions IBOIS, EPFL (Switzerland) focused on digital timber fabrication, scanning methods and robotic tool-path planning. I am also a former researcher at CITA, KADK (Denmark). Furthermore, I worked in international offices such as Do-Architects (Lithuania), CEBRA (Denmark) and DMAA (Austria). I taught master and bachelor students at EPFL and held academic and commercial workshops. Also, I supervised Master theses projects and guided PhD students during my postdoctoral studies. I also created a course called: Introduction to Computational Architecture (EPFL AR-327). Additionally, I was responsible for setting up CNC (Maka 5-Axis) and industrial robot set-up (ABB 6700 with IRBT 6.7 m) for IBOIS, EPFL.

Work Topic

Responsibilities: * The development of timber joinery framework called “compas_wood” . * Development of projects within IBOIS, EPFL research. * Assistance to PhD students. * Setup of the industrial robot of ABB 6700 + IRBT linear track.

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