Diaz Rodrigo

Díaz Escalante


Rodrigo Díaz Escalante


Rodrigo is an architect specialized in computational design and digital fabrication. He studied architecture at UNAM in Mexico and CVUT in Czech Republic, later he joined the MAS program in Architecture and Digital Fabrication in ETH Zurich in 2016. His main focus lays in the synergy of design, geometry and computational process entwined with traditional and local craftsmanship, implementing them through algorithmic programming in the fields of Architecture, Graphic and Product Design, Art and Construction industries. Currently he is a dotzent at the faculty of architecture at IBERO in Mexico City, he is also co-founder of the Mexican architecture firm RxR where he is in charge of the department of Design and Research and Development.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: MAS Student

Current position

Dotzent - IBERO, Mexico / RxR Architects