3. Cross NCCR topics

Research in Digital Fabrication requires the significant interdisciplinarity support of a broad range of experts. Cross NCCR Topics compliment the research in architecture and construction by providing specialist knowledge, methods and tools in the areas of computation, robotics, performance assessment and sustainability. Through the collaborative engagement of Cross-Topic experts the architecturally focused research and projects are developed robustly with an understanding of their disruptive potential, but also with sensibility for constraints of technology, resources and regulation. The goal is to bring digital fabrication closer to mass-market application for the greater benefits of industry and society.VisionEngage DFAB research to assess, facilitate and enhance technological and contextual impacts.Research challenges• Better understand DFAB innovations and facilitate their deployment into practice. • Develop and integrate new construction specific technologies in computation and robotics• Improve the performance and reduce the impact in both the design and fabrication of output