Photo: Xijie Ma

Fostering Implementation: Sustainability, Performance and Applicability

Digital fabrication for large-scale and mass-market applications is an ongoing challenge. Despite worldwide efforts to develop innovative digital building technologies, even the most promising processes are currently only competitive for very special applications and niche products. NCCR Digital Fabrication is addressing the specific and potentially game-changing advantages of digital fabrication in construction in terms of environmental performance integration, structural integrity and economics. We work with the other projects of this NCCR in order to improve structural integrity and environmental performance aspects, which are essential to scaling up to industry implementation, while also developing innovative game-changing solutions. We will re-think structural concrete for uses in digital fabrication and harness concrete for eco-friendly dfab. With this we aim for our technologies to be structurally safe and economically competitive for large-scale mass-market applications, while reducing the environmental impact of current building technologies.