Photo: Roman Keller

Mouldless Shaping of Concrete Elements

The vast majority of international activity on digital fabrication and concrete concerns unreinforced structures, such as additively layered, 3D-printed concrete. One of the main challenges for digital fabrication with concrete is to take this activity and advance it in order to produce load-bearing, reinforced structures. We aim to create such structures by expanding the possibilities of Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) and Mesh Mould, and complimenting them using concrete extrusion in order to cover all possible reinforced concrete structures (columns, beams, walls and floors). We target the production of structurally efficient, non-standard shape elements that can be cost-effectively produced. By embracing the need for structural reliability and employing digital fabrication methods, we should achieve a wider spread implementation and adoption of the research output in industry. Our goal is to be able to produce structurally efficient, material lean and eco-friendly reinforced concrete elements in a cost-effective way.

Recent projects within this Stream include Concrete Choreography and the FutureTree pavilion.