2 Digital Bamboo M Kladeftira

22.05.2021 - 21.11.2021

Digital Bamboo at the Venice Biennale

The Digital Bamboo pavilion was designed for easy assembly and dis-assembly as a project by the MAS ETH DFAB. It will next will be exhibited in the Marinaressa Gardens, as part of the European Cultural Center exhibition "Time Space and Existence” which features projects that showcase innovative proposals and utopian dreams of architectural expressions. Here…

HIB new


Tomorrow's Timber - On-Line Symposium, 5th October 2021

Tuesday, October 5th the NCCR Digital Fabrication will jointly host the next installment in our Seminar Series on “Innovation and Risk” with Swiss Re. This seminar series is targeted at the wider construction and manufacturing sector, pairing presentations from…



ETH Global Lecture Series: No Time to Waste

Online Event - Sage Lenier, lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, and Philippe Block, professor at ETH Zurich, discuss the topic of sustainability from their own research perspectives and how they would tackle societal and architectural challenges.

Design IDL Opening Event Flyer


Design++ and Immersive Design Lab Opening Event

During the event, you will hear about research perspectives from the diverse and interconnected domains of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science. The event will also feature the opening of the Immersive Design Lab (IDL) which was initiated and…



ITA on Construction Heritage

Silke Langenberg is Full Professor of Construction Heritage and Preservation at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zürich. With the naming of her professorship, she claimed a new research area at ETH Zurich, which deals with the perception and appreciation of building processes, technical and constructive innovations. As a result, her…