FT1: Digital Timber

Project 1A: Fabrication-aware Timber Design

Project 1B: Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly

Project 1C: Integrated 3D Printing Facade

FT2 Digital Concrete

Project 2A: Structural Integrity

Project 2B: Materials

Project 2C: Technology-Readiness Demonstration by focused Applications

Project 2D: Rehabilitation and Repair

FT3: Digital Construction Site

Project 3A: Discrete Construction - Onsite assembly and finishing

Project 3B: Continuous/Monolithic Construction - Onsite Manufacturing

Project 3C: Collaborative Construction - Onsite Digital Timber

Project 3D: Closed-Loop Controlled Construction

FT4: Digital Collaboration

Project 4A: Reflective Action

Project 4B: New Praxis

Project 4C: Environmental Responsibility

Project 4D: Computational Transfer