The NCCR programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) aims to strengthen understanding in areas of strategic national importance for the future of Swiss science, business and society. In addition to the topic focused research, NCCR's also seek to promote the development of future research leaders, knowledge transfer into practice, and the advancement of Swiss society as a whole.

In addition to their core research, all NCCRs aim to:

  • Motivate the exchange of research into practice and support our local industry partners through programmes of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT);
  • Disseminate findings and innovation to Swiss institutions and associations so as to strengthen teaching and support professional training programmes (EDU);
  • Support the personal development of talented researchers and academics as well as improving the career prospects of women in associated research disciplines (EQU).
  • Investigate the environmental, social, and economic influence of our innovations, and mitigate any negative impacts within the social and industry contexts (SEWG);
  • Ensure the transparency of research findings and data for all NCCR public stakeholders (DATA).
  • Clearly communicate findings and achievements for all public, media and private stakeholders (COM).