Photo: Stefan Kubli, Basler & Hofmann AG


To support the shift of research innovations into real-world use the NCCR Digital Fabrication strongly supports the commercialisation of research. KTT collaborations that enable such transitions into practice include:

  • Feasibility studies: Evaluation the realisation feasibility and economics of research for application with partners.
  • Joint technology development: Engagement of industry with NCCR researchers in the development of new technologies for the architecture and building sectors.
  • Application-oriented R&D-projects: Collaborative development, validation and transfer of research that addresses new products, process or technology needs of industry partners.
  • Partnership Council for Sustainable Construction and Digital Fabrication: A board of contributing industry advisors who support the realization of pre-competitive and large scale demonstrator projects to evaluate novel technologies with regards to business opportunities.
  • Architectural Demonstrators: Collaborative development and construction of full-scale architectural projects as a method to prove research and innovations.
  • Start-ups: Creating a joint-venture company with novel products/services and strong business potential
  • Spin-offs: Creation of a joint-venture company with a focus on implementing technology applications targeted outside their original field of application.

In addition, there is always the opportunity for the licensing of protected intellectual property with the aim of developing new products and processes, or to increase quality and productivity within established companies. An overview of technology offers can be found here.

If you have any questions about the implementation of NCCR Digital Fabrication innovations into your practice or projects, please contact our KTT Officer: Dr. René Jähne