Photo: Gramazio Kohler Research / NCCR Digital Fabrication

Industry Engagement

The aims of NCCR research are to advance the adoption of novel technologies into architecture and construction to achieve the following aims:

  • Combine efficient bespoke design with digitally driven building processes
  • Advance the goals of sustainable construction
  • Improve health and safety conditions for workers
  • Create new products, services and job opportunities
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase living quality

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Platform of the NCCR Digital Fabrication aims to foster collaborations between researchers, industry, and society to implement innovation into the AEC industry. To accomplish this, we work together with external partners to test and develop research for fully matured implementation into practice.

Currently the NCCR Digital Fabrication has over sixty partnerships in a wide range of related industry sectors. Together with partners we develop collaborations that test and validate NCCR research, address industry challenges, and build demonstrators to showcase the real-world deployment of innovations with our industry partners.

Through the KTT platform, the NCCR Digital Fabrication offers opportunities for insight into our research and we regularly engage with industry and professional associations to provide specialist lectures, symposia, laboratory visits. Our KTT Officer can also provide consulting on collaborations, inform you about the licensing of innovations and discuss development of joint demonstrator projects.

If you wish to engage with the NCCR Digital Fabrication, collaborate in research, or jointly develop demonstrator projects, please contact our KTT Officer: Dr. René Jähne