230328 Researcher in my Classroom


A Researcher in my Classroom

As part of the project "A Researcher in my Classroom", Ana Anton visited a high school class in Bern to inspire young people, especially girls, to pursue a career in research.

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Foundation of the COMPAS Association

Three NCCR DFAB researchers found the COMPAS Association. The foundation of the association will take place on 2 March at ETH Zurich. Interested parties are welcome to come and discuss the basics of the association's structures on site.

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Traditional Building and Innovation Transfer

Farzaneh Eskandari is a researcher at IBOIS at EPFL. Her research focuses on investigating the potential of advanced robots for automating wood shingle sheathing. Farzaneh works with digital tools and machines to revive traditional architecture and heritage.

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“Digital Fabrication is a Trend Topic”

Seyma Gürel Saydam is a researcher in the field of digital fabrication of concrete. At the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at ETH Zurich, she is working on new types of concrete in order to enable sustainable designs and faster construction.

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