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Insights from the 2nd Future of Construction Symposium

From 13 to 15 September 2023, the Technical University of Munich (TU Munich) hosted the second Future of Construction Symposium, a dynamic event that brought together visionaries from academia and industry. Organised by an international team of experts and DFAB Alumni, the symposium welcomed over…

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Innovation Challenge: Additive Manufacturing

The NCCR DFAB and the innovation promoter IBAM jointly held the first part of a two-day workshop on additive manufacturing in construction. The best proposed solutions will be funded with up to CHF 25,000 to implement them as prototypes and then develop them further into an InnoSuisse project.

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Industry Day 2023

At Industry Day 2023 at ETH Zurich, both NCCR DFAB Start Ups and researchers were on site with their work and projects. More than 700 people from different areas of research and industry exchanged ideas and looked for possible collaborations.

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September's Top 5 Digital Fabrication Events

A series of exciting events are scheduled in the upcoming weeks with a focus on digital fabrication. Whether you're a researcher, student, professional, or design enthusiast, these events offer a unique opportunity to witness the remarkable influence of digital fabrication in shaping our future.

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3D Printing with Waste from Marble Quarries

Researchers from ETH Zurich and SUPSI's Institute of Earth Sciences have developed a 3D printer that prints stone from waste material from quarries. The sustainable printer can be an answer to the waste streams of the construction industry.

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Collaborative Robotics for Construction Research

Stefana Parascho the Assistant Professor at EPFL and Principal Investigator in the NCCR Digital Fabrication. At EPFL she founded the Lab for Creative Computation (CRCL), where she now researches the various relationships between people and machines, between software and hardware, and between…

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