Press Room

For all press requests, please contact Lea Keller.

The following list includes Press Kits that we have produced for previous media events. Please note that each folder contains the credits for the images within:

14.11.20 Digital Bamboo

29.06.20 Fast Complexity: Additive Manufacturing for Prefabricated Concrete Slabs

20.01.20 Concrete Choreography

02.11.19 Robotic Architecture Revealed at V&A Dundee

29.02.19 DFAB HOUSE opening event

01.11.19 The floor is yours - Functionally Integrated Funicular Floors

26.10.18 KnitCandela

15.09.18 ROB|ARCH 2018

27.08.18 DFAB HOUSE - Smart Slab

21.03.18 DFAB HOUSE - Spatial Timber Assemblies

27.09.16 Arch_Tec_Lab