Meet the researchers: Valens Frangez

What is your role in NCCR Digital Fabrication?

PhD Researcher

What is your background?

I studied Geodetic Engineering (collection and analysis of data of spaces) at the University of Ljubljana and then decided to continue with a Master degree in Geomatics at ETH Zürich, where I specialised in Engineering Geodesy and Photogrammetry. I have always loved being challenged intellectually and enjoy solution-oriented thinking, so an engineering field as a career path was a natural choice.

I finished my MSc studies with a thesis focused on dimensional performance assessment of the Robotic Fabrication Lab (RFL) by using highly precise geodetic equipment. After getting a taste of the field of digital fabrication, I decided I wanted to continue with a PhD, somehow involved in the field of robotically assisted construction. I got lucky and was able to pursue my further studies as a part of the NCCR Digital Fabrication family.

Tell us a little bit about your PhD work, what is the aim of your PhD?

The goal of my thesis is to develop a measurement system and a data processing scheme for 3D shape assessment during digital fabrication of structures. Particularly, I am involved in a project of robotic concrete spraying, where we aim at automatisation of the spraying process, by among others integrating the geometric acquisition, processing, and feedback system. A set of depth cameras with other auxiliary sensors will be used for acquiring geometric data throughout the spraying process. Challenges such as multi-sensor system design and integration, quasi-real time data acquisition and processing including machine learning approaches will have to be addressed.