Project 2C: Technology-Readiness Demonstration by focused Applications

The start of the NCCR DFAB coincided with a huge uptick in the number of demonstrations of digital fabrication with concrete, particularly with 3D printing of concrete, to the point that 3D printed buildings and similar structures are almost a commonplace occurrence. The “proof of concept” phase for a simple 3D printed concrete construction is long past, and now the important demonstrations of technological readiness will need to showcase that digital fabrication will deliver what was promised: doing more with less, especially in terms of productivity and sustainability. Project 2C focuses on technological readiness demonstrations of these gains associated with digital fabrication with concrete, utilising a mixture of processes that can be implemented either in a prefabrication setting or directly onsite.

Project 2C comprises the following work packages:

1) Bridge piers and towers

2) Ribbed Slabs

3) Columns and beams

Photo credit: Ana Anton