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Dr. Kaitlin McNally

Kaitlin McNally has a PhD in Science and Policy and over nine years of research experience in the USA, Italy and Switzerland. She joined the NCCR Digital Fabrication in 2017 as the Coordinator for the Research Proposal for Phase 2. As the Project and Policy Coordinator and the Education and Equal Opportunity Officer, she now assists the NCCR on various projects including grant proposals, addressing the socio-economic impact of the research, organising NCCR-hosted conferences, provision of an education platform and equality initiatives.

Recent, active and upcoming projects include: the NCCR Research Proposal for Phase 3 Funding, the Socio-Economic Working Group (SEWG), the ETH+ initiative: AI for Architecture and Construction (Design++), internal workshops, Research Data Management, and mentoring.

Work Topic

Policy and Project Coordinator, Education and Equal Opportunities Officer, Data Manager

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Policy Coordinator, Steering Committee

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+41 44 633 06 63