Hassan Hakim



Hakim Hasan


Hakim Hasan specializes in robotic fabrication and computational design research. Hakim completed his Bachelor at Kennesaw State University in 2015 and his MAS in Digital Fabrication and Robotics from ETH Zurich in 2017. Since 2015, Hakim has actively participated in practice-based research at Perkins and Will, and in 2018 he became a lead researcher for the Building Technology Lab with a focus on architectural robotics. Hakim developed the Mobile Robotic Assistant for Architectural Design platform (MRAAD), and his current research investigates design opportunities for on-site robotic construction in collaboration with top industry-leading partners.
In 2022 Hakim Hassan became a Lecturer at the Yale School of Architecture

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: MAS Student

Current position

Lecturer - Yale School of Architecture