New Webpage for Tor Alva

The project website of the Tor Alva (White Tower) is online. It contains the latest visualisations of the Tor Alva and a detailed description of the project.

The columns for the Tor Alva are currently being printed in the Robotic Fabrication Lab at ETH Zurich. The tower will have five storeys and consist of 32 3D-printed columns. In total, the tower consists of 124 3D-printed elements. Explore the fascinating fabricating process!

Project Credits


  • Nova Fundaciun Origen


  • Benjamin Dillenburger
  • Michael Hansmeyer

ETH Zurich Research

  • Digital Building Technologies
  • Physical Chemistry of Building Materials
  • Concrete Structures and Bridge Design

This research is supported by NCCR Digital Fabrication.

  • Industrypartners
  • Invias Zindel Uffer
  • Conzett Bronzini Partner AG
  • BASF/Knauf