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Anna Menasce


Anna is a Civil Engineering graduate student at ETH Zürich since September 2018. After graduating she worked as an intern for the structural engineering company wh-p Ingenieure AG four months in Basel and five in Berlin. In September 2019 she started a Master’s degree in Integrated Building Systems and is part of the "Climate-KIC Master Label Programme”, a network of Start-ups and Entrepreneurs that creates real innovative solutions to climate change mitigation and adaption. In the first semester of her MSc she worked on a project on “Harnessing concrete for eco-friendly digital fabrication” for the chair of Physical Chemistry for Building Materials under the supervision of professor Robert Flatt and Dr. Tim Wangler.

Work Topic

In collaboration with Knauf AG and BASF, ETH Zurich is developing a 3D printing system that will print large aggregates in a continuous drymix process for a specific application. I will support the project working on mix design and development as well as in performing printing tests.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: NCCR Intern

Current position

Project Coordinator Switzerland - South Pole

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