Dr. Oliver Bucklin

Oliver Bucklin is a Post Doctoral Researcher and Digital Timber group leader at Gramazio Kohler Research.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and a Masters in Architecture. He has had extensive experience in the United States in general construction and woodworking. Experience at the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities led to an interest in scientific approaches to architectural design.

Oliver defended his PhD at the University of Stuttgart in 2024, where his research combined aspects of timber construction, building physics, digital fabrication, and programming towards the optimization of solid timber building envelopes.

Oliver’s current research seeks to bring the NCCR DFAB research developments from the last 10 years into the timber industry through open-source software development and industrial collaboration.

Work Topic

Oliver is leading the Focus Topic 1: Digital Timber for the final phase of the NCCR DFAB. This involves outreach with the industry to bring the scientific development of DFAB into the broader construction realm. This includes coordinating various projects focusing on digital tools for timber construction to improve collaborative project delivery.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Postdoctoral Researcher


DFAB Focus Topic 1: Digital Timber