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Andi Reusser

During the 1990ies, Andreas Reusser completed his professional education as structural draughtsman and collected practical experience in the construction industry during an additional, two-year apprenticeship as bricklayer. Subsequently he turned one of his hobbies into profession and for a short time worked as a truck driver. Simultaneously, he completed the business school. In 2007, he found his way back into the construction sector through an employment at Holcim. During the following eight years, he worked as research lab technician within the Holcim central concrete laboratory. During this exciting time, he completed his further education and got awarded the degree as federally certified materials tester. In addition, he collected experiences in all the various fresh and hardened concrete tests of the European and American standards. Since November 2015, Andreas supports the researchers of the NCCR Digital Fabrication in all matters of building materials.

Work Topic

Andi Reusser is responsible for the concrete laboratory. He supports the researchers in practical work and in the handling of equipment and machines.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Concrete Technician