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ZongRu Wu


ZongRu completed the MAS Architecture and Digital Fabrication program in 2018. He believes in democratising manufacturing for everyone, empowering experts and non-experts with new digital design and additive manufacturing technologies to realize creative ideas efficiently. Focusing on balancing design freedom and fabrication constraints, he has been developing a (design) program for all users to integrate fabrication early in the design process. He is confident that creativity can be materialized through this process, bringing together creative thinking, craftsmanship, humanity, and additive manufacturing technology. Based in the Netherlands, ZongRu is currently working with Aectual, focusing on computational design and parametric development for robotic circular plastic printing in architectural products.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: MAS Student

Current position

Aectual: Parametric designer/ developer, World-architects.com: Content manager, China

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