Nicolas Rogeau

Nicolas Rogeau is an engineer architect interested in parametric design and sustainable construction. In 2018, he graduated with a master degree in architecture and civil engineering from Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. During his studies, Nicolas spent one year in Quebec City at Université Laval, where he got interested in timber structures and digital fabrication. His master thesis entitled “Parametric Design of Drone-Compatible Architectural Timber Structures”, which was presented at MIT during the annual IASS symposium, got two alumni awards for best innovation and best presentation. Since 2018, Nicolas has been working as a scientific and teaching assistant at the laboratory for timber construction, IBOIS, EPF Lausanne, where he collaborates with engineers, architects and computer scientists in order to design innovative

Work Topic

Developing a method for the robotic assembly of Integrally Attached Timber Plate Structures (IATPS). Creating a tool linking parametric design, digital fabrication and robotic assembly constraints based on insertion vectors. Studying the impact and the performances of the method through case studies with different levels of geometrical complexity.

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PhD Researcher


Integrally Attached Timber Plate Structures

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