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Nik Eftekhar Olivo


Nik studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM, 2011-17) and music (Cello, 2000-12). In 2014 he did an exchange at TU Darmstadt (Frankfurt), where he improved his technical skills and German. He has worked in offices in Hamburg and Madrid, where he discovered his interest in digital fabrication and 3D printing. During his master thesis he investigated 3DP lightweight foam-core sandwich panel facade elements. He completed the MAS in Architecture and Digital Fabrication in 2019. After, he was a student in the Robotics Atelier organized by the Norman Foster Foundation, and then collaborated with Gramazio Kohler Research as a research assistant to bring Mesh Mould to industry. His interests lie in the intersection between architecture, computational design and innovative robotic fabrication techniques and materials.

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