Davide Tanadini

Davide graduated from ETH Zurich as a civil engineer in January 2018. His studies are focused on structures and materials science. During the studies, he gained practical experience as an intern in structural engineer in Zurich and Basel, where he had the opportunity to work on projects with high architecture quality. He could also deepen his knowledge on concrete by working as a scientific researcher in the concrete department at EMPA, where he was involved in the composition of different mix design and shrinkage/cracks-related issues.

Work Topic

Davide is currently a PhD student at the Chair of Structural Design at the ETH in Zurich. His research focuses on possible applications of the theory of plasticity and graphic statics on timber structures and timber joints, and their implementation on digital fabrication.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

PhD Researcher


Limit analysis of timber-to-timber connections

NCCR publications