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Samuel Cros


Samuel worked twelve years at “Cros Delmas” supervising metal assembly and construction projects, and working with architects such as Jacques Ferrier Architecture and AS Architecture.
In 2016, Samuel embraced Digital Fabrication and joined the MAS at ETH Zürich. In this programme he added computational design, robotics and advanced production methods to his previous skills. Following graduation, Samuel worked at “Keller Systeme AG” for 4 years helping to reinforce the in house engineering and production teams and to act as liaison with external architecture offices. In this time he was involved in the development and optimisation of technical projects involving process automation and the development of robotic wire cutting at the firm.
Currently Samuel is working on freelance projects in Zurich and is open to new opportunities.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: MAS Student

Current position

Keller Systeme AG / ROBmade Product Manager

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