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Alexander Nikolas

Alexander Nikolas Walzer

Alexander studied Architecture in Europe and Australia, holds a MSc (Dipl-Ing.) from TU Vienna and a BSc from LFU Innsbruck, Austria. He completed the MIT FabAcademy and holds a Professional Certificate of Digital Transformation by KTHx. From 2016 to 2019, Alex was a Research Assistant at in the NCCR Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich working on the research project Mesh Mould where he closely collaborated in teams of multiple disciplines. Alexander is a Research Fellow at RMIT and the IMCRC Design Robotics helping companies increase their global relevance through research-led technological innovation in manufacturing products, processes and services. As a consultant, he has collaborated with design agencies, ConTech / SaaS Start-Ups and construction conglomerates on the potential of Digitalization and Automation in the AEC and AM sector.

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