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Prof. Dr. Jonas Buchli


Jonas Buchli was previously the deputy director of the NCCR Digital Fabrication (2015-2018) and a SNF Assistant Professor for Agile and Dexterous Robotics at ETH Zurich (2012-2018). He holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich (2003) and a PhD from EPF Lausanne (2007). He and his team contributed expertise to research in robotics and control including the development of robotic platforms as well as the engineering of control software.
In 2018 Jonas Buchli joined DeepMind Technologies in London where he is currently active in the area of research and development of Machine Learning.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: Principal Investigator, Deputy Director

Current position

Research Scientist at DeepMind London

NCCR publications

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