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Dr. Joris Burger


Joris Burger has studied Architecture in the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan after which he completed his Master of Science in Building Technology at Delft University of Technology. Furthermore he has gained professional experience working for the design, engineering and manufacturing company Octatube in Delft, the Netherlands. He completed his MSc with the chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication (GKR), and completed his PhD within the NCCR Digital Fabrication in 2023.
Joris is now a Research & Development specialist for facade design at STO SE.

Work Topic

Eggshell is a novel fabrication process for non-standard, reinforced concrete structures. It combines large-scale robotic 3D printing of formwork with simultaneous casting of a fast-hardening concrete. Its aim is to expand the geometrical possibilities of concrete, ultimately leading to material savings as well as enabling expressive architecture.

Role in the NCCR Digital Fabrication

Alumni: PhD Researcher

Current position

Specialist System Design - Facades, STO

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